CASSEL 01.12.2003

Concerning -ART Project ALPHA UNIVERSE-

Now while the Art-Project "am Altmarkt" is ending we are looking into the future with excitement,
finally planning the realization of our oldest
The creation of a compressed ALPHA_UNIVERSE on public ground.

It is a kind of Time_Machine;
Invented to creatively use the energy of the time-continuum , and at the same time to protect
from destructive Time_Streams.
A manifestation of time by showing growth and canning art/time.
On the one hand it´s about conserving many small
artworks of artists from all around the world;
On the other hand its about the genesis of
a new organic Life_Form (greensward)
by activating a further TERRA_FORM program.

in one sentence:
We plan a longtime-installation,
wich will transmute during the years
into a green, wildly blooming oasis,
inviting to rest, hiding a treasure.

the ca.8m high pyramid-like form could
proliferate from may 2004 for at least 10 years.
It needs just a unplowed empty territory.
seatings give the chance to forget
the grey environment,
to dip into the universe,
to relax
and to feel or use time.

Sure we know about the difficulties
of such a mission,
nevertheless we are extremly motivated and confident.

aybe even YOU have something you want
to retain for the future inside our bunker ?

It is our addition for enrichment and
beautification of a
potential "Kulturhauptstadt 2010 KASSEL".